Friday, September 10, 2010

Travellin on

I'm freezin!
n it feels wonderful
It's a great day to be a traveller
I nosed in, nestled in really, to a piece of field last night on the edge of a truckstop in northern ohio.
Woke up this mornin and stepped gently into the day. The sunshine played lightly along everything.
Down a ways in the grass were some wanderers. They had a tent but a couple of them just lay in the open, just a sleeping bag and incongruous white pillow. Some slept, some woke n stretched. Maybe a fly by night rock band playing bars for a hundred a night. Who knows, doesn't matter.
In the truckstop we travellers bumped each other as we strangers brushed our teeth together in the sink just shaved in. It's alright.
Getting coffee, a thirty somethin blonde with bad bed head n wearin whatever was available gave me a sleepy smile as we fumbled through the creamers.
Both silently agreeing, it's alright.
Now the friday miles slip easy to an indie radio station playin good stuff.
Today, it's alright

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