Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Will you be kind?
The long hot summer is passing

I've wilted under it's heat
Waded through its floods
Searched for a breeze
And was always a dollar short
Of a long ago shade tree

Will you let erie
Blow me a breeze?
Will you let the leaves
Twist in a crazy song
Will you let the waves
Sleep me to wake?

Last week,
Atlanta beat me to death
Twice. For good measure

But its september now
A month for songs
A month of ease before
The cold winds speak
Get ready

September is a time
A gentle ticking
Its a place
In tender hearts

And Buffalo,
Your big, powerful,
Able to swing me fully
From summer's final gallow

As i drive north, Buffalo,
I spill my prayer
Under the gavel of your call
Will you be kind
This september day?

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