Monday, January 10, 2011


My initial post to the shooting was knee-jerk
my blood boiled and the fingers flew
I really don't know if the Congresswoman's politics had anything to do with the madman's itch
just another nut
and bombs and knives kill just as dead
but i still think Arizona has some serious issues swingin in the breeze
and I still can see no sense in the sale of semi-automatics to the general public
maybe in this pit of darkness
some light might find its way to the surface

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oh, and another thing

The Mexican drug wars?
All that lawless killing?
Turns out all the guns are coming
From lefit US gunshops
That's right
60,000 guns
Cuz Mexico only has one gun store
And the military runs it
The dirty little secret
Rest in peace Mr. Heston
Your legacy lives on
And prospers

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A bullet for Gabby

Hey Arizona
When you sell tickets to HATE
Best expect a full house
A sell out
How dare a congresswoman
Be against bigotry
And how dare a nine year old girl
Stand in her shadow
Looking for light
Hey Arizona
Yes, you
Hiding in fear
hitchin up your pants
Behind your white picket fence
I'm coming through tomorrow
And i think your law sucks too
Got a bullet left for me?
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