Saturday, July 24, 2010


Another gem from my favourite world traveller. Puts words in their proper perspective.

Writing is trying to express by words but existence is more than words can express. You can use a sentence but none is absolute.
In the beginning of heaven and earth there were no words.
Words came into existence only from the time of matter and how human being looks at to the subject; or half-hearted or intense, to the outside or the core. There is only one word of importance; wonder.
From wonder to wonder existence reveals
-Henk DeVelde

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When Lead Balloons Flew

Remember, Honey,
When lead balloons flew,
And the world looked away?
That was a trip!

Us, seventeen again
In the afterglow
Of dashboard lights

We scribbled the shit
Otta things
While the sand warned
But giggled too

No one died that day
How could they?

I almost sang
You almost laughed
We never slept
How could we?

The diners of Le Mondello's
Watched from the window
As we puddle splashed
Your skirts in the flutter
of our spread wings

We parked where we dared
And ran up the stairs
While policemen blew whistles
And teachers banged pointers
But their law
Never caught our love
How could it?

But cannonballs
Must one day fall
And sands grow serious

And men must die
Diners go home
So order can reign
And tic go toc

But sweetie,
Remember the day
When lead baloons flew?
Damn, that was a trip!

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