Saturday, September 25, 2010

Johnny's bar

It was a hell of a day,
A hell of a week
One of much loss, and
Very little gain
With Chicago showing small favor

Johnny's scribbled my prescription
And Dawn filled it

The trail from my truck
Was easy to follow
As many bled this
Passage through
The broken fence

A real throwback,
This johnny's, where
Everyone smokes, even
The bartender
And the juke box
Cries, like a lone wolf Ball hung on a barb wire fence

Two young girls shoot pool as
We all twist to spy the
Denims stretch,
But when they kiss
Many lose interest

The guy next to me has
Quartered Gypsy Woman
And George Jones.
I approve as i watch his eyes close, His body rocks And his hands rub his phone
As a genie's lamp

He's fat, too so
And i wish to comfort him
But not now
-he's gone remembering

On my other side, is Brent
Another trucker playin the ATM
Like penny slots

His army brat wife with
Twelve tatoos and his
Two kids has said goodbye , And he shoots crown
Like lemon drops
Him i comfort

When my prescription runs out
And runs over
I order a pizza
And follow our path,
Our fix To another day
Another highway