Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sharing a sky

I have a friend who
Shares her garden
And we, task of strays

She wants me tatooed
And if her permanent smile
It could win
My skin I'd gladly give

But she's like the rest of us
A little fucked
In her own chambered way

and tatoos more temporary than we think

Her mind and body know
Too many bad days
But her heart flits always
Good and plumb
In the garden of
Dragonfly wings

I think of her often,
This lady outlaw
Held by Doc Holliday

And now, as i sail
The calm of a fall day
While Desperado
Sings me to sad

I will pass close,
Not close enough to touch
Or share a coffee
But a sky
And birds in passing feeder to feeder

The coffee will happen
Maybe even the tatoo
But today, across the expanse
Of outlaws and strays
The sky will be enough

Good morning Marion