Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where the night ends

The sign said Club Sensation
Nashville just looks the other way
Gabes was locked tighter than
Marthe Stewart's ass and
The Rusty Spoke was closed
For a meeting.
No windows on the sensation
Just glass doors painted black and
A big sign barring all weapons
Yeah, right
There were several tough lookin
Brothers sportin colours on the curb.
I went in
Tin foil ashtrays n a too blonde
I was home.
Got lost looking for the bathroom
And found a room with
A couch, a guy, and a girl
They were cool
It was cool
The guy spinning tunes
Knew his stuff
The sisters swayed n floated
Later, walking the jungle
Of nashville,
A white chick was from
Out of nowhere by my side
She swayed too,
But not from music
"i ain't no crack whore n i don't
Shoot up. See."
And she showed me her arms
She had a beer in a paper bag
And i gave her a smoke as she
Told me lies in high speed slur.
As i veered off and watched
Her walk
I wondered where the night ends.

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