Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another morning

Another morning
Another mile,
This is where i belong
The time, not the place

The sky greets me pink
And kisses me tender
My window is down
And pre-dawn
Blows me perfectly ragged

Lightfoot sings early morning rain
And i start to smile
Kevin welch sings early summer rain
And i'm almost there,
Almost home
Not the time, the place

Always the music
Absent of it
I don't exist

I have my coffee
My narrow look
That never reaches
A destination

Sad, sad rick
They tsk tsk

If i could just put him on my shelf
By the window,
Next to the goldfish
Then he'd be happy

I think i like
That my brand of happy
Is understood
By so few

If i were your pet rock
I'd grow legs
Throw myself at your fish bowl

I'd grow arms
And masturbate
On your pillow

Then ears,
To hear the music

I'm already there

You just don't like the mess

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