Tuesday, August 3, 2010


In the job i now have, I find myself at many factories and other such industrial nightmares. I watch men and women build engines in Cleveland, and wonder.

They will come in everyday and don their hard hats, ear plugs, and safety glasses. They will start their shift at a certain time and lunch at also a precise time.

They will finish their day, Drive to the bank, grocery store, bar for a drink, and then go home.

They will eat pork chops and beans. They will watch American idol. They will shower.

Then they will sleep.

There is little danger and little risk in all this, and a million factories and products exist to support this lifestyle.

Three hundred years ago, men and women searched out new lands. New ways to live. A man like Kit Carson would rise when he awoke, do what needed being done, and spend his daylight knowing he could be killed by any number of possibilities at any time.
Narcissa Whitman for God in Oregon
The Donners for hope in the Sierras

It's just the way it was.

No Doubt progress has been wonderful and Kit would applaud jumbo jets, but I wonder if we haven't lost the art of living in our quest for comfort.