Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday in Montgomery OK, last night I was mesmerized by the feeding frenzy of a swarm of hookers. A plague of Moses' proportion. This morning, and a fine one it is, I am at my drop where there is already one big truck before me. I go up to talk to the driver and discover he has no right arm. At all. No shit. I try to pretend I don't notice-like it's there, but it's hard. I peek in his truck; yep, normal shifter on the right with 10 speeds. I wanna ask him but I know he's been asked a thousand times. How do you do it? How'd you lose it? I wonder equally of these questions and find my thinking perverse but likely the norm. I just talked to him on the CB of dock positions and if I can sneek a pic when he's not looking I will. I'm betting if the moment allows, I'll ask cuz I can't help myself. Wish I could just appreciate it without the manuscript. I being the one who didn't ask. Hope the colours are good in your world. -rick