Monday, May 17, 2010

Mon May 17th (i think) The sun has just gone down and nocturnal creatures have begun to prowl. Parked my truck and decided to take a walk under the sliver of moon patrolling the freeway. Out they came. From bushes, supposed car washes, and a broken burned out building only a rat could love. They actually screamed at me from across 6 lanes of bullshit traffic. I shook my head no and quickened my pace. They surrounded and captured by intimidation but I slipped away when they argued over rights. I wondered if this is how our country was established. I felt like a native that didn't understand the English way. Fortunately, I had chosen to leave the lion's share of my currency in the truck and I think their instincts picked up on my poverty. Somehow, I managed to escape to the relative safety of my truck with my pants still attached, but my door knew the familiar knock of bargain knuckles all night. If ever I feel the need for sexual favor from skinny af-am girls who might be thirteen, I'll know where in Montgomery Alabama to find them. And if ever again I find internet, I'll post a pic or two and post comments from my lone reader, Amy. Goodnite, Amy