Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Notes From The Highway

well, sittin here by an almost lake as the sun goes sliding into Indiana. Was thinkin today-not usually a good thing-was thinking, how much bad poetry can a fella put out?
Decided I'd probably gone over my limit.
Bad stories about bad ideas?
Yeah, pretty much did all that too.
So now what?

Shabang!! close the fucken mess down!!

ohhhhhh, came so close.
so damn, damn close.
but then thought,
Hey! I have two blogs i wanna flush down the crapper, so why not start a third?
And here i am.
Spend my days driving from here to there and not very well as I've been told; but yet somehowI almost always get there.
So starting here. Today. Right now from this almost lake behind this shit-ass truckstop a bit north of possum squat, I start my new blog. Which is no blog at all but friggen crazy ass thoughts i get while driving.
Like this one:
Can you see all those trucks shadowed by dusk? Uh huh, dozens of em. Well, they are full of drivers sitting behind the wheel staring at nothing but the truck in front of them. You know, like they did all day-except now they're not moving.
And out here, out back, is an almost lake. Fresh mowed grass. A beautiful dry summer breeze and a sunset to die for-
(by the waqy, if you come here to critique my grammart and punctuation, forget it, Pal. I'm a dumb ass truck driver punchin stuff out on my phone as people honk at me and make strange gestures. Must be my good driving. i'm here to impress no one. Just throw down random thoughts so as to keep me awake til the next state)
Where was I? oh yeah, random thoughts.
Got plenty of those. Reading Sarah Turton's 2nd book for 2nd time. Aporia, I think. Damn she's good and she makes you think. She can be found at her blog Purple Shaggy Cows or some such shit that aliens like her and i can only understand.
Went through nashville yesterday. whatever the papers show-it's worse. I live near there and I swear it had to be twenty inches of rain. Char? You down here these days? Back me up, Sugar. Anyway, what a mess. I got trapped and ended up wading a half mile chest deep through what had been a hay field. Not good in this snaky area.
Got out of the truck yesterday morn and stepped onto a six inch lip from pavement to gravel. went down like a sack of oats. Bang!! into the truck next to me. (He needed to get up anyway)
My ankle is now twice the size of the other one and I limp like Walter Brennan in a bad western.
Beautiful night. Almost dusk. Just me out here, the way I like it. I was lonely driving today, but not now. Now alone feels just right. besides, you're here. aren't you???
time to fall back against the grass and see the first star. Who knew Ohio could be this pretty