Friday, June 18, 2010

This alone

Just can't shake this alone
Or the need to hold it
Maybe it's the night
Maybe the wind
Her, the music
My reflection in glass
But i just can't shake
This alone

My ideas flutter
And sail
Never taking root
Never finding home

The stars, so many
Seeing so much
Seen of so many
Yet cold beyond cold
And oh so alone

I, always a part
Of the whole
But transient
By design and offense
A game within
The whole
Never saying my name
Just can't shake
This alone

A fable
Within a riddle
A rose on sandy beach
Over pretty

A book written backwards
When sideways
Is the norm

A night translucent
To sterile diners
With good manners

Maybe her, yes
The music, for sure
The wind full of haunt
And my reflection
In glass

Have you a sweater, martha?
But martha isn't there
Only my reflection
Full of cold stars

Just can't shake
This alone

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