Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Place

Henk De Velde happens to be a hero of mine.
Who is he? A wanderer. one of the great ones.
A sailor. An artist. A philosopher. A kindred soul
anyway, the other day he sent one of his wonderful thoughts from somewhere on some ocean with a pocket full of nothing. Treasure it is.

{Real loneliness is not the absence of people or sounds. It is a abyss located in the heart of the soul. And that abyss of inner loneliness is caused by a hunger that can never be satisfied by another. The person who has found that loneliness penetrates beyond horizons. You stand on the edge. If the universe is finite there must be an edge somewhere. This is the edge. There is no further direction in which you can go. You arrived in a place whose center is everywhere and whose circumference nowhere to be found. While it is true that this loneliness is everywhere, yet there is a way to find it. It has something to do with actual space and a geographical location. There must be at least one spot where nobody can find you, or bother to watch. You should be able to make your inner world and free yourself from all the fine wires and strands that binds to the presence of other people. Once you have found such a place, please be happy.
Please cherish it and do not change it too soon for another.

You will not find this country by continuing passing through, but to stand still}

Henk spends his time sailing, as he's always done. He writes a journal under "never ending voyage" and has written many wonderful books and painted many fine works.

He can be found of those who choose to look.