Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In The Shadow Of The City

Broke down again
This time in Nashville
when this happens
Two hours always becomes four
And four becomes eight
Just because they can

The cities big glassy towers
Loomed high above me
-But a millions miles away

Its like the moon,
All can claim it
With a glance up
But only Neil plants the flag
That casts the shadow

I found myself here
In the shadows
where freeways dare not look down

Its like gum on the ground
You only look down
If you step in it
And no one does it
On purpose

So i did what i always do
Pulled up my trousers
And waded in

Nobody can ghost like the homeless.
Some bushes rustle
And they just appear

Same with the gangstas

There's no one behind you
Then three
In perfect step

I looked up
Under the bridge as i passed
Bedrolls, hands and feet
Hanging as no vacancy signs

Two guys snake out of the brush,
Mismatched boots
Worn out gloves
And hair
Like a perfect river snag

They don't smile
But they don't threaten either
Their eyes say
Watch your ass
And stay otta my shit

I spit to flex my muscle

The sidewalk is tore up
into concrete knuckles and
I feel like Amundsen
At the pole
Knowing a fall would look bad

Across the street a dude
Who might be king
Sportin colours and bulk

He crosses over

I light a cheap smoke
And realize hesitation
Would show my pair of deuces

I take the inside
And make eye contact

He nods as if to say
Yes, on a bright Sunday afternoon
You may,
But don't be here tonight

as I've spent a lot of time
In cities, i understood

I've stopped my truck
In mid afternoon
In the worst Detroit has to offer
Stepped out
And pissed on their street,
Even paused to shake it

its easy as the battleground
Is abandoned
When the army sleeps

But ten pm is another story,
At ten i would duck low
And not even slow
For red lights

The funny thing is
You only fear
When you have something to lose
When i walk with a wallet full of cash
And plastic
I feel for it often
Worry for it

It's like a three year old
On your neck
In a crowded room

But stuff three bucks
In your pocket
And only your life
Can be taken

And lets face it,
The guys in the glass towers
Already own it