Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Go team go!

Me bein the team
I'm on my way to a cheerleader
Convention in Denver
Got the pom poms
The fake flowers
The whole ball of wax

Makes no difference that the roads
Are blocked beneath fathoms
Of snow
Go team go!

What happens if i dont make it?
If i can't get the serum through?
Will villagers in Uganda perish?
Will Mubarak prevail?

Will life stop as a hundred semi-naked
Girls stand shivering on Humboldt ave
Waiting for their accouterments?
Will darkness descend
Like a perpetual eclipse?
Will mail stop?
And taps play?

And if i make it through Missouri
And over the mountains
Will i be swarmed by this mob
Of naked plastic and smothered
In kisses as if i just took Normandy?
Will i make the cover of time?
Finally win the Nobel?
I press on
With my determined team of huskies
Into the abyss where no sacrifice
Is too great
Stay tuned

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